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Sicilian capers in salt

Sicilian capers in salt

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    100% Sicilian capers.

    • Flavor and Use:

      • Capers have a distinctive tangy and pungent flavor.
      • They are a staple in Mediterranean cuisine and are commonly used in Cypriot, Italian, and Maltese dishes.
      • Capers add a burst of flavor to salads, sauces, pasta dishes, and even tartar sauce.
    • Nutrient Content:

      • Despite their small size, capers are nutrient-dense:
        • Fiber: A single ounce contains about 1 gram of fiber with only 6.5 calories.
        • Vitamin K: Capers are a good source of vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting.
        • Other micronutrients include copper and iron.
    • Health Benefits:

      • Blood Sugar Stabilization: Capers’ fiber content helps slow sugar absorption, promoting glycemic control. Some research suggests that caper fruit extract may have anti-diabetic properties.

    This item cannot be returned.

1 Gram
VAT Included
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